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Welcome to the Student Life page of our school.

West Park Preparatory School offers students opportunities to get involved outside the classroom. There are a wide variety of activities for students.

Students are always encouraged to suggest new events to engage the school community. They are also encouraged to use their God-given talents to Equip and Empower them. Involvement in WPPS student life activities helps students realize their potential, have fun and learn about the world around them to embrace society and life.
Wet Paintbrushes
Visual Arts


The primary goal of the Visual Arts program is to enable students to develop their minds and intellectual capabilities using all forms of creative intelligence. Creativity and self-expression are nurtured, allowing students to solve problems and think critically. Through an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, the Arts provide a safe environment for the evolution and resolution of ideas. Students are challenged to be active participants in a program with high expectations.


Music & Performing Arts

Theatre is the only art form with the potential to combine all the performing arts: music, dance, and drama. Our pre-professional Theatre curriculum includes acting, directing, arts administration, technical theatre, and principles of design. 


Transition2work  is a transition program designed explicitly for students 17- 22.  The program focuses on developing transition skills and developing connections with adult service agencies needed for the young adult to successfully participate in the community after leaving high school. Academic skills will be combined with developing community, daily living, and employment skills for students. 

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