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Year in Review

Dazzling Dolls

Posted Feb. 26, 2017

West Park Prep Girls Dance to " I know I've been Changed" for Church of God Black History Celebration. Click on Video



West Park Prep High Students

Posted October 28, 2016


Our High school student first field trip to

Florida International University. 

Our Crimson Trunk's Volunteer 

Posted December 20, 2016


Team West Park had a great time working together at McTyre Park!  What a great feeling knowing the “Senior Breakfast Program” we were working on is actually going to help feed some of the local elderly that we love and care for! It was such a rewarding experience, not only to give back to the community, but volunteering with our Team West Park Family!  We can’t wait to go back!



West Park Community Food Distribution 

PostedNov. 6, 2016


West Park Food Pantry is designed to meet the physical and, ultimately, the spiritual needs of our community.

Our Legacy…Stand, Vote, Change

Posted January 20, 2016


Uncompromising Commitment to Communities: Service, Leadership, Empower



West Park Preparatory Football

Posted September 29, 2017


This year embarked upon a new venture with our sports program. 



Upcoming Events


Have a Happy 



August 21, 2023

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New Cell Phone Policy

Phone App

New Uniform Alert

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