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Principal's Message 


           I am exceptionally proud and honored to be the CEO/Principal of West Park Preparatory & High School, and indeed it is my pleasure to welcome you. The pride that permeates throughout the campus and community is contagious. I love that Crimson Trunk Pride!

         West Park Preparatory & High School, where teaching and learning are our first priority, has a rich history of over 18 years. Our faculty, together with parents, students, staff, and local businesses, have created a dynamic educational program laced with new challenges and traditions that will lead students into the 21st century. A rigorous curriculum is taught through all core classes in preparation for real-world success. We are committed to the challenge of equipping our students with skills that will help them to take their rightful place among the many distinguished West Park alumni. The successful outcome of one’s education is directly related to the choices made early in life. Your achievements, while in school, will be directly related to the personal commitment you make to learning. While your teachers, parents, counselors, and other staff members can assist you, you make these decisions based on your abilities, interests, talents, and career goals.  We urge you to draw upon West Park’s years of strength and know that it’s your time to shine.

                  We’re a family at West Park Preparatory School. Always keeping in mind that West Park's Mission is to Equip the students, Empower them and others to Embrace society and life.  



Ms. G. Rembert
​Head of School

Our Philosophy
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At West Park Preparatory School, we believe that each student's educational experience should provide for his or her academic needs and for the full development of the student's intellectual and creative potential. It is also our belief that acquiring the skills for learning is essential in preparing our students to become productive members of today's technological society.

West Park Preparatory School provides a structured, supportive learning environment in which we nurture the growth of self-esteem, motivation and self-confidence. We help our students overcome their frustrations and fear of learning by developing the ability to learn effectively. We believe the development of academic skills in this supportive atmosphere is the key to a student's future success in school and in life.

Our History

West Park Preparatory School is operated as an independent coeducational school incorporating Kindergarten (K) through twelfth (12) grade throughout Broward County, Florida. Founded by Jovan H. Rembert, West Park High School continues to operate by a vision planted and carried out through a professional administration that intertwines itself in the community and becomes a vested part of each student’s academic life. West Park Preparatory School operates its private school with the focus of reclaiming our youth. Families and the Community alike are the baselines of our success. Being an indigenous model to its students West Park Preparatory School maintains the ability to, “Walk among Kings while keeping a common touch” (Kipling, 1895). West Park Preparatory School is registered with the State of Florida, Department of Education.

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